Bill Gates

This Is Premeditated Murder

Dr David E Martin gives explosive information in Canadian zoom meeting. (The Canadian Independent/Rumble) Visit Prosecute Now: A UK reader writes: This is not fiction but fact. Too many people are dying after being frightened into taking these spike protein jabs for covid. There are millions of people in this country that know what

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Chem Trails Are Blocking the Sun

Global climate engineering operations have been pushed and propagated on the premise of cooling the planet by saturating Earth’s skies with sun blocking aerosols. The jet sprayed aerosols are intended to mimic the affect of extended volcanic eruptions. A new NASA science study has now confirmed that extended volcanic eruptions caused long term warming, not

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Dr Lawrie: ‘Bill Gates Is Hugely Influential in Government and the WHO’

UK Column has published an interview with Dr Lawrie about covid-19 policy failures, vaccine adverse reactions, regulatory failures, and the WHO takeover. Excerpts from the interview: Our World Health Coalition pulled together international organisations, including doctors’ groups, holistic and journalist groups—in fact, any group with an interest in health. There are now 140 international groups

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