Bill Gates

Boris Johnson Invites World Business Leaders to Dinner – People Chant: ‘Arrest Bill Gates!’

Boris Johnson was to host a dinner with world business leaders, including Bill Gates and some of the world’s most powerful executives. Around 20 executives were expected to attend the dinner in a bid to establish “Global Britain,” on Oct. 18 at 10 Downing Street. (Reuters/Telegraph report: After the Dinner dozens of protesters blocked

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Damage Done

An essay by Roy R M McIntosh The world is a lovely place and we know of the dangers in the oceans and jungles, but the real danger is the people. Old Mother Earth has been battling the poisoning and scarring that has been going on since day dot. In the last hundred years that

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The Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated in Human History

By Max Thrust One would need to be impenetrably dim or brainwashed by cod science not to realise that we are being socially and economically engineered into the fascist wet dreams of Klaus Schwab’s ‘Great Reset’ and Bubonic Bill Gates’ insane, megalomaniac, psychoworld of snake-oil vaccine obsession and implantable (or otherwise) ‘ID2020/ID2030 Passports’. A ‘virus’

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