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How to Detox After Covid Jab

Have you been coerced to take the covid jab? Have you become aware of the toxic contents of the covid injections? Do you regret having consented to be vaccinated? There is hope! Check out these articles with many suggestions on how to detox from the covid shots: Ten Natural Foods for Vaccine Detoxification and Protection

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Why Is the Government Still Presenting the ‘Vaccine’ Fairytale?

German government release figures on serious adverse reactions to Covid vaccine – Dr Clare Craig ‘These are the serious tip of the iceberg stories.’ Diagnostic Pathologist Dr Clare Craig joins Mark Steyn to discuss the German government releasing figures on serious adverse reactions to the Covid vaccine. (GB News/YT) Ontario ER doctor speaks out: ‘Many

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How Many Times Will They Cry ‘Wolf’? Fourth Booster Is Coming!

We are passed the third wolf cry, and yet, they are still trying to make us believe that the covid vaccines are necessary and that there’s some kind of science behind it all. Meanwhile, the death toll from the poisonous vaccine is rising: Remember “two weeks to flatten the curve”? Two years later it’s:

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‘But Your Vaccinated!’ and Other Laughs

Seeing the covid tyranny from another perspective. Four short videos highlighting the madness around vaccines, boosters, safety, and masks. But… You’re Vaccinated (Reko_osofunny/YT): Why You Need a Second Life Jacket! (AwakenWithJP!/YT): Life next year in America, updated ending (tyler fisher/YT): Check-out insanity, presented by a shopper: