Why Did So Many Supposedly Intelligent People Fall for the Nonsense?

Former teacher Nigel Watson: “Schools don’t teach intelligence, schools teach children how to be obedient rule followers…” “Intelligent people are capable of independent critical thought.” “A lot of people who have got a good qualification, who self-identify as intelligent, aren’t intelligent because they are unable to think for themselves. All they do is make appeals

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Are We All Being Brainwashed?

By Darren Smith, The Light Nobody knows they’re in a cult until they leave it, but what if the majority of ‘mainstream’ thought and discourse is in fact part of an indoctrination process to get us all to think a certain way? How would you know if everyone was undergoing the same psychological manipulation, and

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Send a Letter Like This to Every Secondary School You Know

Retype this letter or a similar version and send it to a school your son or daughter is attending. It may be safer to remove your child from school if you assume the vaccination programme will go ahead. How to take your child from school: The first image is the letter of a concerend

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