Build Back Better

The Betrayal of Ukraine

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, Alex Thomson, Debi Evans and Vanessa Beeley. Topics in this video: 00:31: – The Betrayal of Ukraine 12:38 – The Ukrainian Syrian Combat Crossover 35:28 – Andrew Hill 39:39 – Former Senior Canadian Officer Possibly Captured In Azovstal 47:07 – Outrage Over Lavrov’s Statement 58:07 – Pope Speaks Out On Ukraine

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Don’t Vote for Conservatives if You Don’t Support Net Zero

In their manifesto, the Conservative party guarantees the goal of reaching Net Zero by 2050 through ‘investment in clean energy solutions and green infrastructure to reduce carbon emissions and pollution’. See here: What is not mentioned in Boris Johnson’s promise, is that many people will be affected with poverty, suffering and early death. The

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Say No, My Friend!

Poem by Ziad Alzoghbi Say No, my friend! Three weeks to flatten the curve Boris was elected to serve Not you but his masters to serve Thousands of lives Hancock did save Zahawi declared he was brave Media trumpets wave after wave Media trumpets wave after wave Wittless presented a deadly virus His mates in

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