Apologise, Reinstate, Compensate 40,000 Care Workers Forced Out

Campaign Summary Forcing out approx. 40,000 social care workers for declining the Covid jab was not just unethical, but disastrous for the care sector and those it supports. With 165,000 vacancies in the sector, and 500,000 members of the public waiting for assessments, care or reviews, new Health Secretary Steve Barclay must Apologise, Reinstate, Compensate.

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Can We Talk About It – Worldwide Campaign Breaks Silence On Vaccine Injury and Death

Launching of the #CanWeTalkAboutIt Campaign We break the silence worldwide about vaccine injury and death Millions of people around the world have been injured or killed due to Covid-19 vaccination, but not enough people know this. If injured, these “adverse events” are often not connected to the shot, and they are not reported to the

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