Apartheid in Australia: Premier Bans the Unvaccinated From Social, Hospitality, and Care Settings and ‘Rewards’ the Vaccinated

Discrimination of the Irish in England – didn’t we say: never again? Apartheid in South Africa and America between ‘white’ and ‘dark skinned’ – didn’t we say: never again? Discrimination and persecution of the Jews in Germany and the rest of Europe – didn’t we say: never again? Australia, today, and other countries, following suit

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Ten Times More Newborn Deaths

A funeral director speaks about his experience throughout the so-called pandemic and what he’s been seeing in the morgues in recent times. (GB Resistance/Odysee) The tenfold increase in the infant mortality rate appears to be a devastating side effect of vaccinated mothers. There also has been around 20% increase in early miscarriages. This undertaker, interviewed

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50,000 ‘Cases’ Apparently

Mike Robinson, Alex Thomson and Patrick Henningsen with Friday’s UK Column News. Topics in this video: 00:39 – 50,000 “Cases” Apparently 06:34 – The US Uses Deaths of Unvaccinated People To Advance “Misinformation” Agenda 14:16 – Get Your Vaccine Protect Your Loved Ones 20:20 – NHS Fails Young Girl 22:18 – Amess Alleged Killer Was

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