Why Should We Bow Down to the Intrusive Dictates of An Unelected Foreign Entity?

Wake-up call ‘… we should not and will not!’ A talk given in Canadian Parliament. Ever thought what SMART stands for? S for surveillanceM for monitoringA for analysisR for reportingT for technology 15-minute cities with cameras set up in every corner are not for your benefit. They are here to control everyone. Maximum surveillance allows

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We Are Approaching a Critical Turning Point in Modern Human History and the Outlook Is Very Unclear

By Doug Brodie My heretical epitaph Introduction  With my 80th birthday looming and in revulsion at the concerted, multi-pronged political attacks assailing us (set out below), the unusual purpose of this post is to present a draft of my own epitaph. I’ve done this now while I’m still up-to-date for the benefit of the many

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Australian Banks Restricting Cash Raises CBDC Fears

Headlines across the globe see Australia making aggressive moves towards a cashless society, a move that gravely threatens the last bastions of economic privacy and individual autonomy. Are Australia’s major banks merely championing the cutting edge of financial convenience, or is there a more pernicious hidden agenda seeping into our digital economy? It certainly appears

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