Child Abuse

Police Corruption and Child Abduction

Rob, the Rat Catcher, is back to report on the terrible injustices happening thanks to Hampshire Police, as well as the unlawful child abductions that are occurring across the country. Ex-policeman, Gary Waterman, is on hand to add his valuable experience, and Kerrie and Kelly, two independent mums, tell of their children’s kidnapping by the

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Journalist Exposes the Satanic Destruction of the Transgender Agenda

In-Depth Analysis of The ‘De-Transition’ Movement: Get an inside glimpse into the horrific and destructive world of the transgender agenda like never before, which has left an entire generation of young people mutilated, sterilized, and clinically depressed. Now, Christian journalist Brandon Showalter is exposing the transgender movement by documenting a series of men and women

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This Isn’t About Health, It’s About Ideology – Stop UN’s Trans Agenda

By Ignacio Arsuaga and the entire CitizenGO team The World Health Organization is playing a game, and our kids are the pawns Just days before last Christmas, the World Health Organization came forward with a shocking proposal. They announced plans to create guidelines for “the health of trans and gender diverse people” with a worrying focus on

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