Child Abuse

Stop Grooming Our Children

Child abuse has entered schools and other public instititions like libraries, not only through sexualisation and LGBT ideology indoctrination, but also through dodgy appearances such as a drag queen’s story time. Don’t be surprised—this is all part of Agenda21 and Agenda 2030: Destabilise, demoralise, depopulate… If you’re a parent, is this what you’ve signed up

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NHS Advertisement for Killer Jab Targets Young Children – Please Complain to ASA!

A Call to Action from UK Medical Freedom Alliance (UKMFA) Please complain to Advertising Standards Authority regarding the NHS poster advertising Covid-19 vaccines for children 5-11 years. The UK Medical Freedom Alliance is calling on followers and members of the public to complain to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) about the recent NHS poster advertising

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Angered Tories Corner Javid on ‘Socialist, Unnecessary Rules’: Do not Restrict Liberty!

A Conservative MP from Yorkshire has demanded to know why his constituents should follow new Covid rules after an alleged party in Downing Street last Christmas. Speaking during a debate on the announcement of the Plan B measures in Parliament, Shipley MP Philip Davies blamed Health Secretary Sajid Javid: “Today he comes with his latest

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