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Vaccination Mandate Was Analogous to Being Offered a Lovely Multi-Coloured Lolly by Someone on the Street

By Tony Mobilifonitis/Cairns News When long-serving and highly respected surgeon and reproductive specialist Dr Luke McLindon refused an mRNA vaccination last November, the medical establishment pounced and had him terminated from his position at the Mater Hospital in Brisbane. But with dozens of doctors now “coming out” against the Covid narrative, so-called medical authorities in

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A Group of Unelected Billionaires Are Planning a Future Where You Will Have Very Little Freedom

People think the world changes all by itself, but nothing could be further from the truth By Darren Smith When the world’s most powerful people meet to discuss how to shape the future, you can be sure it is not for our benefit. Digital IDs, a ‘recalibration of human rights’, and the control of information

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