Christmas Party

The Real Crime Exposed by Partygate Is Not That Some of the Rule-Makers Became Rule-Breakers

In an article on the UK Column News website, entitled The Truth About Partygate That Everyone Seemingly Ignores, Iain Davis explains the real issue about politicians breaking the lockdown rules: Neither the mainstream media nor any politician has gone anywhere near discussing the the real issues. There has been a collaborative wall of silence ensuring

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Should Boris Resign?

The party scandal has been going around the mainstream media for weeks now. The real scandal is not that these politicians had a party, but that they prevented others from leading normal lives and caused unnecessary fear that led to people dying in loneliness. Of course, this virus was nowhere near as dangerous as they

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Political Commentator Kate Williams Delivers Covid Truth Bombs on BBC Radio

BBC Radio Scotland presenter Kaye Adams shocked by political commentator Kate Williams delivering Covid-19 truth bombs on the morning show on January 12, 2022. (Journalists Against Covid Censorship/Odysee) Kate Williams is questioned why she’d rather not want to see Boris go, and answers: ‘Who would replace him?’ She also calls him and other politicians a

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