Statement from Andrew Bridgen

“There has been much speculation following my suspension and subsequent expulsion from the Conservative Party as to my next move. Despite having a right to an appeal and strong grounds to pursue one, I have decided not to do so. This is because I have lost faith in the Conservative Party and the impartiality of

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There Is Nothing ‘Conservative’ About the Conservative Party, and Probably Never Has Been

By Dylan Roberts In the latest episode of the UK’s political soap-opera, the Conservative Party, have installed as Prime Minister an unelected billionaire linked to the World Economic Forum, with strong family ties to the Chinese Communist Party’s plans for digital tyranny. The “most successful political party in history” looks politically, morally, and philosophically bankrupt,

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Don’t Vote for Conservatives if You Don’t Support Net Zero

In their manifesto, the Conservative party guarantees the goal of reaching Net Zero by 2050 through ‘investment in clean energy solutions and green infrastructure to reduce carbon emissions and pollution’. See here: What is not mentioned in Boris Johnson’s promise, is that many people will be affected with poverty, suffering and early death. The

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Angered Tories Corner Javid on ‘Socialist, Unnecessary Rules’: Do not Restrict Liberty!

A Conservative MP from Yorkshire has demanded to know why his constituents should follow new Covid rules after an alleged party in Downing Street last Christmas. Speaking during a debate on the announcement of the Plan B measures in Parliament, Shipley MP Philip Davies blamed Health Secretary Sajid Javid: “Today he comes with his latest

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MPs Against Vaccine Passports

“These are the MP’s that have specifically stood up against vaccine passports. If yours isn’t on this list I suggest you start writing to them and asking why not!” LABOUR Diane Abbott, Bell Ribeiro-Addy, Tahir Ali MP, Rebecca Long Bailey MP, Clive Lewis MP, Beth Winter MP, Rachel Hopkins MP, Apsana Begum MP, Richard

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‘Corona Does Not Exist For the Rich’ A scandal that is still being uncovered… Johnson’s government created a secret back-channel that allowed friends of the Conservative Party and other politically connected suppliers to secure billions of pounds of PPE contracts:

‘I Can No Longer Remain A Member of the Conservative Party’ – Letter to Boris Johnson

Dear Mr Johnson Due to the destruction of our lives, liberties and livelihoods in your foolish attempt to control Coronavirus by lockdown measures I can no longer remain a member of the Conservative Party. There is no evidence that lockdown, social distancing or masks work. Pandemics follow a bell shaped curve regardless of government action,

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