Most Wanted Criminals

Wanted for crimes against humanity. This is a Swiss version. Please send a version of your own country. If you have any posters and/or a video of a similar campaign, we’d be happy to publish it here. Swiss Wanted posters include: Bill Gates Klaus Schwab Anthony Fauci Rudolf Hauri Lukas Engleberger Giorgio Mriani Silvia Steiner

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Australian Senator to Covid Criminals: ‘We Are Coming for You!’

Senate Malcolm Roberts holds a speech in Senate about covid vaccine adverse reactions and deaths, the betrayal of the Australian people and the criminal acts of Pfizer and the complicit government. “This unprecedented betrayal of the Australian People must be referred immediately to a Royal Commission. To the Prime Minister, the Health Minister, the federal

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Hall of Shame

A list of politicians, WEF members, royals, business owners etc. that are committing crimes against humanity or voluntary collaborating with those who do so. The harms committed aren’t just mistakes or coincidences—they are crimes carefully planned years in advance. These crimes against humanity include terror, manipulation, genocide and psychological warfare. It’s time to immediately halt

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