Debi Evans

Vaccine Damage—Real People: Charlet

Transcript of interview below. Charlet Crichton returns to UK Column after her first interview to update us on what life is like nearly two years on from being injected with a ‘vaccine’ that would change her life forever. This is her honest, measured, eloquent and humble account of the nightmare she endures on a daily basis. As

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‘This is not a game’ – Matt Le Tissier on the Unprecedented Rise in Cases of Footballers Collapsing on the Pitch

In this unassuming and forthright interview, Matt Le Tissier, former Premier League footballer and England player, speaks on sport, the media, the Great Reset, vaccines, Coutts Bank, Covid, and good old-fashioned common sense. Having lost his job as a sports commentator on Sky TV simply for asking questions that holed the government narrative, he found

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