Debt Is the Biggest Threat to Freedom

By Harry Hopkins Mr Micawber and his lessons for today Charles Dickens was an English novelist whom many regard as the greatest writer of the Victorian era. He was tremendously popular during his lifetime and his novels and short stories are still widely read today. One of his best-known characters remains Wilkins Micawber, who appeared in the

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Here’s How They’ll Bankrupt You

By Dr Vernon Coleman Their plan is to make every one of us bankrupt and they’re well on the way to succeeding. Only the billionaire conspirators are likely to avoid this. The conspirators must be delighted at the way things are going. To start with, of course, the rising cost of food and energy will

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We Have Six Months Left

By Dr Vernon Coleman In April 2022, I made a video in which I predicted that we had eight months of freedom left. I stand by the timing. We now have six months left – and that takes us until Christmas 2022. I’m not suggesting that we’re all suddenly going to die by Christmas. What

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