Defending Freedom

Black White Rose T-Shirts

WHITE T-SHIRTS ARE SOLD OUT! PRE-ORDER BLACK T-SHIRTS – ALL SIZES – Order now and get in 2 weeks: Order here Black T-shirts with the White Rose UK logo ‘Defend Freedom, Defend Humanity’. T-shirts are made of 100% rich cotton. Sizes available: S, M, L, XL and XXL ( (34-/36″, 38-40″, 42-44″, 46-48″, 50-52″) You

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Canada – Urgent Message

Transcript: Make this go viral. Share it on every platform you can, on Facebook, Twitter, Signal, Telegram, WhatsApp, Gab, GETTR, everywhere. You’ve seen what’s happening in Ottawa. Canadians are known around the world to be among the most kind, the most peace-loving people anywhere. And so you know that when Canadians start rising up by

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New Book: The White Rose

The White Rose – Defending Freedom In this book, the founder of the White Rose UK tells us how it all began. The name White Rose (Weisse Rose) originally comes from a German underground group that was dedicated to resisting Nazi terror. With increasing control measures being forced on people, not only in the UK

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