Reiner Fuellmich: ‘This Is Premeditated Mass Murder’ The Legal Battle Against Gates, Fauci and Tedros

This is intentional, premeditated, mass murder. There’s absolutely no doubt about it because nothing else makes any sense,’ said attorney Reiner Fuellmich. ‘We’re going to get them.’ Activists are charging the world’s most powerful health figures with genocide, citing a range of statistics on the effects of covid “vaccines” and policies. Spike protein is one

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Don’t Vote for Conservatives if You Don’t Support Net Zero

In its manifesto, the Conservative party guarantees the goal of reaching Net Zero by 2050 through ‘investment in clean energy solutions and green infrastructure to reduce carbon emissions and pollution’. See here: What is not mentioned in Boris Johnson’s promise, is that many people will be affected with poverty, suffering and early death. The

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