Died Suddenly

A Spike in Mysterious Deaths – Why Are Young People Suddenly Dropping Dead Worldwide?

Shocking statistics have insurers on Wall Street alarmed. Edward Dowd says it’s time for a national discussion over the latest threat to American’s health. (CBN News/YT) See also: Stop the Death Jab The Ongoing Democide – 2053 Reported Deaths in the UK Introduction to the book Cause Unknown by Edward Dowd: What is killing healthy

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‘We Need an Independent Public Inquiry’ as Excess Deaths Average More Than 1000 a Week

We’ve been warning about the covid vaccine for almost 3 years. And now, look what’s happening. Click here: Why health professionals, professors, scientists, microbiologists and virologists are saying NO to the jab Former head of the UK trade team at the ONS (Office for National Statistics), James Wells, tells Nigel Farage that ‘we need an

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