Dr David Martin

This Is Premeditated Murder

Dr David E Martin gives explosive information in Canadian zoom meeting. (The Canadian Independent/Rumble) Visit Prosecute Now: http://prosecutenow.com/ A UK reader writes: This is not fiction but fact. Too many people are dying after being frightened into taking these spike protein jabs for covid. There are millions of people in this country that know what

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‘If Your Life Depends on a Vial of Vaccine Then You Are Beholden to Whoever Supplies It’

Here are excerpts from two letters written by Dr Julia Spivack and sent to the Chief Constable Bedfordshire Police and Jeremy Vine (Channel 5 TV). She has kindly recommended that we publish them here. The one-hour video “David E Martin testifies at Corona Inquiry” (see below) describes how Covid global panic was falsely generated by

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Dr David Martin: ‘Neither the Coronavirus Nor the Covid Vaccines are Novel – They Were Patented Before the Alleged Outbreak!’

Patents Discussed in the discussion: Pfizer filed patent for Coronavirus S gene “21 years ago!” US Patent 6372224 filed by Pfizer Inc. (New York) on January 28th 2000, which was a continuation of application No. 08/331,625, filed as application No. PCT/US93/04692 on May 7, 1993. Download Pdf document of US Patent 6372224: https://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/a6/93/af/4676761c3fe24a/US6372224B1.pdf Methods for

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