Dr Suneel Dhand

Fear Operations

Watch this: Dr Fauci confronted by angry neighborhood resident (Dr. Suneel Dhand/YT): Ultra Fear Operation: Are we really to believe that UFOs are coming to destroy the world, or is it more fearmongering from the deep state? (Richard Vobes/YT) Richard Vobes reads from The War of the Worlds and shows how the government (politician puppets)

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More Collapsing While NHS Still Promotes Death Jab

Following Damar Hamlin’s collapse last week, let’s talk about this very serious topic. (Dr. Suneel Dhand/YT) A satirical approach – just replace ‘coincidence’ with jab… Are you or a loved one suffering from a medical coincidence? (Beautifulhorizons2/Brighteon): Here are some of the stupid reasons they’ve come up with to disguise the dangerous and lethal vaxx

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