Dr William Makis

Dr William Makis Unveils Staggering Numbers – Jab Injuries Disabilities and Deaths

(DanaDurnford/Bitchute) Wednesday 17 January: Online Event Featuring Andrew Bridgen Vaccine Injury Is Real 90 Canadian Doctors Have Now ‘Died Suddenly’ Stop the Death Jab! Forty authors have contributed to this 300 pages long book. How to Avoid Digital Slavery is filled with exciting fiction and valuable advice and will help you take back control and

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Vaccine Injury Is Real

By David Halpin FRCS William Makis MD – Canadian physician with expertise in radiology, oncology and immunology, writes frequently in Global Research on the tragic outcomes of ‘covid’ “vaccination”. This most recent posting is especially alarming. Most of his posts have been to do with sudden death in individuals – earlier in young physicians in

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90 Canadian Doctors Have Now ‘Died Suddenly’

Ninety Canadian doctors have died suddenly or unexpectedly since the rollout out of the dangerous and ineffective Covid-19 mRNA “vaccines,” according to the research of Dr William Makis, MD. Without any investigation by the organization saddled with protecting its physician members, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA). Shockingly and to the contrary, the CMA has instead

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