How They Did It

By Ray Wilson Its another Saturday; not a smidgen of blue-fine drizzle permeates the garage; moisture appears unbidden on the tools; and condensation forms drips down from the steel rafters. What’s the plan, then, Ray?” Rich asks. It’s a very big question. “You and your missus spent a long time on the drive Thursday evening

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There Is a Global Concern Regarding the Sexualization of Children in Education

By Ray Wilson Stretching Eyes West  “Stretching eyes westOver the seaWind foul or fairAlways stood sheProspect- impressed:Solely out thereDid her gaze restNever elsewhere,Seemed charm to be “ -The Riddle by Thomas Hardy And so at last we arrive in Lyme Bay on a blustery morning having parked the motorcycle combination up on the hill and walked

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‘UN Agenda Is Equal Davos Agenda’ – Interview with Former UN Executive Director

In this revealing and insightful interview former UN Executive Director Călin Georgescu describes the process of infiltration and global takeover of the United Nations by oligarchs, particularly Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum (WEF). (Source: Reiner Fuellmich/ICIC-Net) Some topics in the video: Controlling and brainwashing by UN/WEF agenda Marshall Islands – atomic destruction changed

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