Updated White Rose UK Leaflet

Please print out these leaflets for reading and sharing! End the Covid Fraud and Global Genocide End the Covid Fraud and Global Genocide x2 Hand out the leaflets to people on the streets during protests, put them through people’s doors or leave in public places (shops, public transport, churches etc.) Here are older White Rose

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Urgent Warning (Updated)

Covid “Vaccine” Is Threatening Humanity • Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, microbiologist: “They are killing people with covid vaccines to reduce the world’s population.”• Dr Mike Yeadon, former Pfzer Vice President: “That pathway will be used for mass depopulation.”• Dr Geer Vanden Bossche phD, Gates’ top virologist: “The vaccines are threatening humanity. They should be cancelled immediately.”•

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Updated Flyers

We have updated our leaflets for distribution! They now contain additional information about the covid “vaccination” and the vaccination certificate. You can print out single A4 sheets or sheets with two of the same text on them which you can cut in half for a wider distribution. Please visit this page to download and print

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