Geoff Buys Cars

When Geoff Met Mike

Watch the full video: Geoff Buys Cars and Mike Yeadon Interivew (geoffbuyscars/YT): Dr. Mike Yeadon’s Censored Address to the Members of UK Parliament What You Didn’t Know About the C19 Vaccine – Dr. Mike Yeadon ‘Decline It!’ – Dr. Mike Yeadon Issues Dire Warning Against Digital IDs And CBDCs The Depopulation Agenda Is Real It

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The Luton Fire

The Luton Fire Part 3 – Summing Up: In this video we’re looking at the timeline of the event, including when footage arrived, and we’re asking some key questions that really should be asked… As we work our way through the facts (fake or otherwise), we meander to a big conclusion. But sadly it’s not

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