Harry Hopkins

The Government Seems Intent on Making People Poorer

By Harry Hopkins Profile of a Shoplifter Supermarkets throughout the land are grappling with huge increases in shoplifting. The majority are introducing surveillance hitherto unknown in the history of retail. Cameras everywhere, security guards much in evidence, valuable items ‘tagged’ and notices throughout the stores warning of consequences. For customers this can feel like a

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I Feel Proud to Be Among a Minority that Has Not Been Taken In by the Evil Machinations of Recent Years

By Harry Hopkins The Milgram and Asch Experiments I wrote some months ago about stupidity and how this very factor was responsible for the behaviour of many people during the covid hysteria. How could some people behave in such a way that a sizeable minority could only look upon with disbelief? Whilst stupidity is certainly

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Debt Is the Biggest Threat to Freedom

By Harry Hopkins Mr Micawber and his lessons for today Charles Dickens was an English novelist whom many regard as the greatest writer of the Victorian era. He was tremendously popular during his lifetime and his novels and short stories are still widely read today. One of his best-known characters remains Wilkins Micawber, who appeared in the

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