Defeating Fascism in Canada and Beyond – Matt Ehret Speech at Vera Sharav Event

Matt Ehret delivers a speech on Day one of two of the Never Again Goes Global conference in Hamilton Ontario sponsored by Trinity Productions. This conference featured Holocaust survivor/activist Vera Sharav and other leading anti-fascist activists such as German MP Christine Anderson, Children Health Defense Fund leader Amanda Forbes, investigative journalist Trish Wood, and Father

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Save the Historic Counties

By Pam Moorhouse, Founder, Pam’s County Petition, official petition of the British Counties Campaign Do you realise that all of Britain’s present-day counties are government-created, and not inherited from our ancestors, despite the implications? Up to 1974 all the counties in England, Scotland, and Wales were inherited from our early ancestors, the ancient names, some

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Leicester’s Successful Protest Against Vaccine Mandates in the 19th Century

When the mothers of Leicester noticed that children became unwell after the smallpox injection, they protested against compulsory vaccination. They were fined and locked up in prison for not getting their children vaccinated, but their husbands defended them and stormed the town hall. Neither coercion nor prison stopped the people from Leicester in their struggle

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