Hope Amidst a Tsunami of Evil

Recommended Books

Suppport our work by purchasing any of the following books. Many thanks! If you would like to donate, please click here. The Big Bad Wolf and the Syringe When Henflu breaks out in Henton, Sly Fox and Big Bad Wolf come to the rescue… but can the hens of Henton trust the wolf’s ‘miracle cure’?

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Books for Christmas

Support our work by buying White Rose UK books offered here. We especially recommend these books for giving away: The Big Bad Wolf and the Syringe Fairy tale books (British Isles – England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Isle of Man) Hope Amidst a Tsunami of Evil Christmas Tales—Enchanting Folktales and Famous Stories Five Tales for Christmas

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Have You Read this Book?

“Love the book… I hope people read it, share the information and get others to read it and ask questions… the book is a winner!” (R MI) “… I simply can’t put it down. It’s packed with evidence. The covid pandemic was planned, and I recommend this book to everyone.” (JM) Hope Amidst a Tsunami

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