Beacons Of Hope

By Ray Wilson It’s Saturday, November 11, 2023, and early afternoon; the sky is blue, and the sun shines down on us, as we are on manoeuvrers. On another day over a century ago, the Armistice, a peace agreement signed on November 11, 1918, marked the end of World War I—the war to end all

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The Underground

By Ray Wilson It’s raining, sometimes intermittent, sometimes stair rods, but always a perpetual rain; it stings the eyes and wrinkles the hands; and summer is a distant dream. The sound of raindrops hitting the soft top in plinks and splats creates a melancholic symphony vibrating on the car’s canopy. Each droplet seems to carry

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Encouraging Message from an MP

Andrew Bridgen MP addresses the people from Breedon on the Hill Church, North West Leicestershire. (Andrew Bridgen MP/YT) See also: Pascal Najadi: ‘The Snake Head Is in Geneva’ Trends in Excess Deaths – Andrew Bridgen’s Speech in House of Commons Andrew Bridgen MP In Interview About ULEZ and the Climate Change Scam: ‘London’s Air Is

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