The Invasion of Ireland

A month ago, Micheal Yon posted a video on Twitter to explain what is happening in Ireland with the wave of immigration which he says is actually an invasion. Ireland has a military of about 6,700 but an estimated 120,000 “migrants” have entered the country. These “migrants” are clearly invaders, “I’ve been there looking at

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The Heritage Party is Socially Conservative with Christian Principles

There are 2 sexes, not 79 genders. Marriage is one man and one woman. Pro-life. Against euthanasia. (David Kurten/YT) Heckled for opposing diversity officers and net-zero: I was heckled for opposing £billions wasted on diversity officers and ‘net zero’ at the Bognor Regis and Littlehampton general election hustings. (David Kurten/YT) ‘Mass immigration is causing the

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France on Fire – What’s Going on?

France is on fire. For five days straight, migrant youth have been rioting across the country. But the mainstream media in North America is virtually ignoring it. Why? Who are the rioters? Are they young men upset about a police shooting? Or criminal gangs taking advantage of an opportunity to steal? Or — and I’ve

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