Immune System

Booster-Caused IgG4 Immune Tolerance Explains Excess Mortality and ‘Chronic Covid’

By Igor Chudov Rintrah Radagast posted a very important article yesterday. It shows us a potential explanation of why excess mortality is related to COVID boosters, why the association of Covid vaccines with mortality strengthens as time goes on instead of declining, and why boosted people take the longest to clear Covid-19. Check Rintrah’s article

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Children Dying of Strep A Due to Damage Done by Covid Vaccination

In the spring of 2022, the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) issued a ‘global alert’ about a new form of severe hepatitis that was killing children. Then just days after the WHO announcement, a new scientific study was “coincidentally” published that concluded Covid-19 vaccination has the ability to cause severe autoimmune hepatitis. Now, just a few

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