Ivan Fraser

We Have Been Victims of the Biggest, Best Funded Global Mind Control Projects in History

The myth of stopping Covid-19 transmission via vaccination—public Perception is massively skewed By Ivan Fraser Having been exposed to this kind of messaging for decades, people have been persuaded to believe that vaccines stop transmission of common respiratory viruses, despite science to the contrary. Essentially, the messaging is marketing. “By having the flu jab you

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Don’t Die of Ignorance

Here are excerpts from a 17-page document sent to us by Ivan Fraser. You can download the full text as a PDF here: Covid Truths Part 2 In July 2021 I wrote an article under anonymity, providing the background to Covid-19, the disease that results from infection by the SARS-C0V-2 virus. I provided information from

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Good Versus Bad – Public Perception of the Covid Issue, Massively Skewed

By Ivan Fraser Globally, governments are drastically oversimplifying extremely complex data down to two simplistic categories: a latitude of Good and longitude of Bad. The consequences of which have created a public perception of the Covid issue which is massively skewed. Most people are entirely unaware of the actual data. But they are largely aware

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