Jeff Taylor

ULEZ Was Never Needed and Never Wanted

Dictator Sadiq Khan should be worried: The people of London have had enough! And Reform UK is taking the fight to Sadiq Khan over his ULEZ and his evil authoritarian regime! (Jeff Taylor/YT) Protest: Action Against ULEZ ‘Clean’ Air, Dirty Money, Filthy Politics The Blade Runners – Freeing London from Surveillance Cameras Action Against ULEZ

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Back Our Farmers

You’ve seen the farmers out in protest in strength in Germany – it might be about to hit us here in the UK too. (Jeff Taylor/YT) Help us and small farmers by ordering organic food and get £15 off your own order! German Farmers’ Success Against Globalist Government British Beef Farmers Under Attack Riverford’s Christmas

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New Energy Bill Forcing Smart Meters Into Your Home

You probably know that a massive Energy Bill is being rushed through Parliament by our fake ‘Conservative’ Government in the first two days of our parliamentarians’ return from their generous summer break. The Bill is 446 pages long and written in dense, largely-incomprehensible-to-any-normal-person legalise. Moreover, many clauses in the Energy Bill make reference to other

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