The Push for War

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with Friday’s UK Column News. Topics in this video: 00:21 – NATO Summit Lunacy 21:05 – The Chemical Weapons Narrative Rumble On 28:11 – G7 Meeting 30:19 – Trudeau Gets Short Shrift In Brussels 33.05 – Ben’s Big Intel Dump 01:02:03 – Almost Certainly Russian Cyber Attacks Probably 01:09:09 –

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The UK New Normal Dictatorship

By Iain Davis The UK Government has used the claimed covid-19 crisis (or pseudopandemic) to quietly establish all necessary components for a UK dictatorship. The construction phase is nearing completion and, unless the people engage in mass non-compliance and petition their representatives to stop it, the UK dictatorship will be in full force soon. The

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Update On the Great Re-Opening UK

Here is an update from the organisers of the Great Reopening. Businesses like yours are opening up all around the UK and reclaiming their right to work. Join them! We need to get our country open again. Let’s do this!   Check out the website: The Great Reopening They have a variety of information

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