WHO Assembly LIVE

The World Health Organisation is holding its meeting in Geneva. Perhaps a more appropriate name would be the World Hell Organisation? During the alleged pandemic, the WHO gave orders to the countries around the globe. Now they strive to do so even more, with amendments to the regulations which would force every signatory country to

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Freedom Convoy UK

Freedom convoys are taking place this Saturday in Scotland, Ireland, and other UK locations (see list below). Show your support for the drivers from bridges and road sides with flags, freedom banners, picket signs etc. Ireland: Meet up at park centre, Donegall Rd, Belfast, 9.30am Scotland: Meet up at Morrisons Baillieston, Raveswood Rd, Glasgow, 10.30am

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Watch: Worldwide Protest – London and Other Places

More Info here: Saturday 22 January – Worldwide Protest – Mass Non-Compliance! London: Barrister Richard Orme: “It is against the Nuremberg Code” Back-up video: Midwife of 18 years speaks out against vax mandate, Trafalgar Square: Around the world: Sweden: Melbourne, Australia: Sydney, Australia: