Mandatory Vaccination For School Children? How to Get Your Child Out of School Now!

Will covid ‘vaccines’ become compulsory in order for pupils to be allowed to attend school? For some parents, this may be the last straw after a series of nonsensical and dehumanising regulations at schools throughout the past 12 months. Many parents have switched to home education, many more will do so, if this absolute nightmare

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Mandatory Vaccination for Care Home Staff and Other People in the UK

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with Wednesday’s news update from the UK Column. Topics in the video: Mandatory Vaccination for Care Home staff and Lots of Other People, Including All Resident’s Family Members Mix and Match Vaccines Lockdown Lifted? No, Not Really France Heads Towards Compulsory Vaccination Overseas Viewers’ Emails To UK Column Essential Parliamentary

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Today: Write to Your MP to Ask Them to Vote Against Mandatory Vaccines

From Big Brother Watch: On Tuesday 13th July, MPs will vote on whether to make double coronavirus vaccinations mandatory for people working in adult care homes. This is a seismic legal change and the crossing of the Rubicon for medical choice, medical confidentiality and bodily autonomy in England – vital components of the right to

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