Mark Sexton

Interaction With the Police Results in the Closure of Bristol Vaccine Centre

Mark Sexton—Vaccine Centre University of West England, Bristol—Footage of Closing Process (SixthSense/Bitchute): Mark Sexton points out the crimes commited in vaccine centres and surgeries around the country (and the world) and accuses those complicit of: misconduct in public office, misfeasance in public office, cooperate manslaughter and conspiracy to commit all the above. A few phrases

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London: Criminal Investigation Against Covid Vaccine Enforcement

Former police officer Mark Sexton has submitted 1100 pages of evidence to Hammersmith Criminal Investigation Department, where two detectives accepted and signed the paperwork. He has also invited BBC and Sky to report the ‘biggest story in the last 100 years’. The crime reference number is 6029679/21 Facebook group A Greater Britain posted the following

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