Children Are Being Destroyed

By Vernon Coleman Children today are being systematically and deliberately destroyed – both mentally and physically. We are horrified at the way children were pushed up chimneys in the 19th century. Making children work long, arduous hours was considered normal at the time but the children abused in this way were scarred physically and mentally

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The Dangers of Mask Addiction

Addicted To Masks? Maskers Anonymous Can Help (The Babylon Bee/YT): See also: Proof That Face Masks Do More Harm Than Good Why Do Some People Still Wear Face Nappies? Masks Have Negative Impact on Children’s Development Chronic Maskitis Masks Are a Compliance Device Masks are Destroying the Development of Babies Mask Mandate Is Pure Nonsense

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Chronic Maskitis

It’s February 2022, this is video number 307. It’s a sad but safe bet that you know at least one person who still wears a mask when they go outside, enter a shop or board a bus or a train. You probably know more than one. I went into a department store the other day

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