Matt Hancock

Crimes of Covid-1984 Podcast – The Case Against Hancock et al.

Here lies The Case Against Hancock et al. (recorded ‘live’), featuring a summary of the material evidence that was dismissed as ‘hearsay’ three times by Westminster Magistrates’ Court, which will now be presented in the Court of Public Record, whilst another application for warrants to arrest the usual suspects is being prepared concurrently. As is

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Newly-Released ‘Lockdown Files’ Are a Scorching Indictment of Western Leaders During Covid

This week brought the disclosure of private messages from the former UK Health Minister Matt Hancock. Released at 11pm on the 28th of February by journalist Isabel Oakeshott they reveal the inner workings of the UK government’s lockdown policies. What they say will not be news to the wise, but nevertheless provide incontrovertible proof that

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‘Matt Hancock the Murderer’ – Former Health Secretary Confronted on the Underground

Geza Tarjanyi Confronts MP Matt Hancock in London Underground (Citizen Syd/YT): Backup video and longer version (RoseArcana/Bitchute): See also: Matt Hancock Might Want Us to Forget, But I Won’t Matt Hancock Confronted With Nuremberg Code Nursing Home Residents Were Given Deadly Euthanasia Cocktails Did the ‘First Wave’ Mean the Mass Murder of the Elderly With

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