Why Catholic?

For over a thousand years, England was a Catholic country. Christianisation in the British Isles dates back to the early centuries. England brought forth many saints, hardly known to today’s average Brit. Before King Henry VIII forcibly abolished the Catholic Church, there had been over 800 monasteries none of which survived. The dissolution of the

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The Mass of All Time

The Mass of All Time In my memory, I will always see The ancient Mass I have loved so well Unchanged through time, a mystery sublime Bringing God to the altar to dwell. How reverently is the Lamb of God received How grand its beauty and its splendor Filled with love untold, like the Cross

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Friars on a Mission

Documentary film following five friars at a Franciscan friary in Bradford on a mission to support the poor, both spiritually and materially. (Bronx to Bradford Friars on A Mission 2017/YT) From the comments: I have watched this documentary countless times and was heartbroken when BBCiplayer removed it after 28 days. I admire the friars’ dedication,

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