What times are these in which we have to defend the word ‘mother’? How twisted has the world become that we have to define what a woman is? Who else could be behind this perversion of the truth other than satan, the master of lies and murderer, himself? We need to protect our children from

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Ireland Says NO!

Katie Hopkins: Ireland Votes No. Here’s what’s ACTUALLY going on (Katie Hopkins OFFICIAL/YT): Voters rejected the Family Referendum, which proposed to revise the definition of a family to include the nebulous term “durable” extra-marital relationships, by 67.7 percent and the Care Referendum, which proposed to delete all references of motherhood in the nation’s Constitution, by

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A Sad Excursion

By Cherry Hughs Covid-19, oh how I am sick of that phrase. This sheep in wolves clothing has been given license to destroy lives all over the world. For me it has trashed and stolen my career, helped me to finally distrust and disengage from the institutions that I once (stupidly) trusted, but more than

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