Sir Christopher Chope MP Discusses Injection Harm With Hold The Line Spokesperson

Sir Christopher Chope MP Discusses Injection Harm With HTL Spokesperson Roger Guttridge Sir Christopher Chope MP claims the Government was in denial about covid-19 injection harm and used ‘disinformation campaign’ to encourage take-up of the treatment. He claims the media saw itself as being the spokesperson for that campaign, with some major TV news and

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MP Wants Vaccination Roll-Out for Five-Year-Olds ‘Implemented With Haste’

A concerned reader writes a letter to his MP and receives an answer (see further below) that suggests children should be vaccinated hastily, with an experimental, dangerous and still-in-trial drug. Dear Ms Hayes Please reconsider your stance on vaccine mandates. I am writing as a concerned constituent, regarding recent legislation that this government has passed

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Academics Speak Out

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with Monday’s UK Column News. 00.29 – Susan Hopkins from UKHSA Forwards An Utterly Incoherent Narratives 20:51 – Grieving Father’s Fundraiser Deleted 27:05 – Academics Speak Out  36:47 – Online Safety Bill Supposedly Scrutinised 40:38 – Allegedly Corrupt MP Castigated In Parliament By Seemingly Corrupt MP 01:00:51 –

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