Why Did So Many Supposedly Intelligent People Fall for the Nonsense?

Former teacher Nigel Watson: “Schools don’t teach intelligence, schools teach children how to be obedient rule followers…” “Intelligent people are capable of independent critical thought.” “A lot of people who have got a good qualification, who self-identify as intelligent, aren’t intelligent because they are unable to think for themselves. All they do is make appeals

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Challenging the Covid-19 Narrative: Interview with Former ITV and Sky News Boss Mark Sharman

In this interview with Brian Gerrish, former ITV and BSkyB Executive Mark Sharman challenges the official Covid-19 narrative, including flawed statistics, high-level media censorship, government financial ‘bribes’ of the media, lost trust in doctors, vilification of those warning of vaccine damage, and the very real harm suffered by individuals who accepted the government promoted vaccines.

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