Never Again is Now Global

“Never Again Is Now Global,” a five-part docuseries highlighting the parallels between Nazi Germany and global pandemic policies, and will premier on CHD.TV, beginning on Monday, 30 January, at 7 pm EST/2pm GMT. You will be able to watch the series here: The Alliance for Human Research Protection, founded by Holocaust survivor and human

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Letter to Klaus Schwab

By Margaret Anna Alice I know how much you like playing super-villain, Klaus, but you’re really more of a mediocre-villain. C+ at best. Sorry to break it to you. No matter how hard I try, I can’t summon terror, rage, or even disgust when I behold your dopey, dull, doltish demeanor. The most I can

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What Role Did the Vaccine Pass Company ‘Entrust’ Play In German National Socialism?

The Government has signed off vaccine passport contracts worth £1.6 million in a sign that Britons could be living with Covid certification for the next two years. The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has signed two fresh contracts with technology firms for work on the Government’s vaccine passport scheme. It brings the Government’s

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