Neurological Damage

Ireland – Neurosurgery Waiting List Has 126% Increase Since January 2021

By Patrick E Walsh This is a summary of the neurosurgery outpatient waiting lists for Ireland as per the National Treatment Purchase Fund website, see link below. The highlights of the above are as follows: An increase of 5615 (126%) since December 2020. The list had actually reduced by 285 (6%) between 2017 and

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Main Concerns Of Covid “Vaccine”: Clotting Disorder, Abnormal Menses and Shedding

“Even a cursory look at social media demonstrates that there are three main areas of concern around Covid vaccines at the moment: clotting disorders; abnormal menses; and the possibility that those that are vaccinated are shedding that vaccine material. There are of course other significant concerns not least neurological damage following receipt of the vaccine

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