Hey Trudeau, We’re Back! ‘Rolling Thunder’ in Ottawa

Trudeau faces new protests as motorcyclists hit Ottawa streets against vaccine mandates: Fresh protests in Canada capital against PM Justin Trudeau over vaccine mandates and other policies. Motorcyclists-led anti-govt ‘Rolling Thunder Ottawa’ rally triggered a fresh showdown in canada capital. The fresh protests came two months after a three-week-long trucker-led occupation of Ottawa capital city.

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Canada – Urgent Message

Transcript: Make this go viral. Share it on every platform you can, on Facebook, Twitter, Signal, Telegram, WhatsApp, Gab, GETTR, everywhere. You’ve seen what’s happening in Ottawa. Canadians are known around the world to be among the most kind, the most peace-loving people anywhere. And so you know that when Canadians start rising up by

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Freedom Convoy UK

Freedom convoys are taking place this Saturday in Scotland, Ireland, and other UK locations (see list below). Show your support for the drivers from bridges and road sides with flags, freedom banners, picket signs etc. Ireland: Meet up at park centre, Donegall Rd, Belfast, 9.30am Scotland: Meet up at Morrisons Baillieston, Raveswood Rd, Glasgow, 10.30am

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