‘Corona Does Not Exist For the Rich’

Private plane travel is a whole different story folks……. — Gillian McKeith (@GillianMcKeith) August 11, 2021 A scandal that is still being uncovered… Johnson’s government created a secret back-channel that allowed friends of the Conservative Party and other politically connected suppliers to secure billions of pounds of PPE contracts: This video speaks for itself.

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Severe Vaccine Side Effects Will Begin to Show After a Year – Watch Video about SPARS 2025-2028 Document

Shocking “pandemic exercise” proves that covid is and was staged. This is all about the mass-killing of people by means of a so-called vaccine which turns out to be deadly. View the SPARS Pandemic Scenario book below—share this far and wide. SPARS Pandemic Scenario Focus area: Emerging Infectious Diseases and Epidemics SPARS Pandemic scenario book

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