Patrick E Walsh

Irish Excess Deaths – OECD ‘Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics’

By Patrick E Walsh OECD say Ireland had ‘negative’ excess mortality in period 2020 to 2022. Is that the scent of an unwashed rodent swirling from ‘Official Ireland’s’ bunker?   The above are actual excess mortality figures for Ireland for the last few years using per website. See link below where methodology and

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The Number of Sudden Deaths Requiring a Post Mortem Has Gone Through the Roof Over the Last Few Years

By Patrick E Walsh Excess Deaths: Coroners at the Coalface Is there a ‘canary in the Covid 19 vax mine’ where sudden and unexpected deaths are the daily business? CORONERS DUTIES: In Ireland, a coroner is an independent public official who is legally responsible for investigating sudden, violent or unexplained deaths to enable a death

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Ireland – Neurosurgery Waiting List Has 126% Increase Since January 2021

By Patrick E Walsh This is a summary of the neurosurgery outpatient waiting lists for Ireland as per the National Treatment Purchase Fund website, see link below. The highlights of the above are as follows: An increase of 5615 (126%) since December 2020. The list had actually reduced by 285 (6%) between 2017 and

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