Australia Is Now Under Occupation

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with Friday’s UK Column News. 00:26 – The Aukus Partnership 11:45 – Australia Is Now Under Occupation 20:33 – MSM Bought Off By the Government 23:08 – Corruption Behind Australian Zero Covid Policy 27:18 – MSM (BBC) Propaganda to Undermine Ivermectin 34:06 – Puzzled Pope’s Vaccine Confusion 35:24 – Propaganda

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Announcement of the Vaccine Requirement for Attendance at a Papal Mass Contravenes the Catholic Church’s Code of Canon Law

Only people who have received coronavirus vaccines may attend Pope Francis’s Mass during his planned visit in Slovakia this September, according to the country’s health minister. Slovakian health minister Vladimír Lengvarský announced during a press conference on July 20 that a decision was made in cooperation with the Slovakian bishops’ conference to demand “full vaccination”

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