Power Grab

Urgent Call to Action: Block the Pandemic Treaty NOW

The latest draft includes overreaching proposals that extend far beyond simple ‘health management’. Key changes include: Expansive Definition of ‘Party’ – the term now extends beyond states, potentially diluting national sovereignty. (g) “Party” means a State or regional economic integration organization that has consented to be bound by this Agreement, in accordance with its terms,

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WHO Power Grab – Phillip Kruse Speech

Philipp Kruse explains how the power grab of the WHO will take place if we don’t stop them. Health and Democracy Conference, 13 September in the EU Parliament, Strasbourg. With Dutch undertitles. (Ixinet Media/YT) See also: Stop the WHO – Petition The Next Global Lockdown Will Be the Lockdown of All Lockdowns Trust and Freedom:

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The WHO Is Staging A Global Power Grab and No One’s Doing Anything!

The World Health Organization could gain new powers to force individual countries into lockdown if the event of another pandemic. Under a draft update to WHO regulations, member states would need to follow some precise instructions when responding to pandemics such as introducing vaccine passports, border closures and quarantine measures. Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt

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