Switzerland: Blood Analysis After Covid Vaccination

Dr Armin Koroknay graduated in pharmacy and biology, with specializations in toxicology, genetics, immunobiology, tumor biology, medical microbiology, virology, neurobiology, anthropology. He is the author of numerous academic publications. (srmgin/Bitchute) Some parts of the video are in French, but Armin Koroknay speaks in English about his research. The blood analysis shows that blood clotting occurs

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This Is Not About Our Health!

Dr Sean Brooks speaks out at school board about deadly so-called vaccines. Mother whose daughter died five hours after Pfizer ‘vaccine’ cries on others not to take the shot. Wat verschrikkelijk voor deze moeder die haar dochter is verloren aan Pfizer. Helaas is ze niet de enige. — Free The People (@FreeThePeople68) August 20,

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82% of Pregnant Vaccinated Women Have Miscarriage Within First 20 Weeks

Global Human Extermination Plan’s Second Phase Revealed Mike Adams joins Alex Jones live via Skype to reveal how the ‘COVID pandemic,’ along with future bio-warfare attacks, will be used to weaken the United States before a physical invasion where billions will perish and a communist world government will be established on the ruins of the

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