Archbishop Viganò: ‘Globalism Is a Satanic Preparation for the Rise of the Antichrist’

Interview with Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò. Originally published in French. Paul DEROGIS: Excellency, during his recent appearance on the French programme ‘Géopolitique Profonde’, when asked about his “Roman” contacts, the president of Civitas, Alain Escada, replied that Bishop Viganò was the only Roman prelate today, apart from those ordained without Roman consent, to fight the

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A Democratic Country Cannot Be in the Business of Prosecuting Thought Crimes

A judge in Birmingham has acquitted a Catholic priest and a pregnancy counsellor of so-called “thought crimes” after police charged the pair in connection with praying outside an abortion clinic. District Judge David Wain dismissed the case against Fr Sean Gough, 33, an assistant priest in Wolverhampton and Staffordshire, and Isabel Vaughan-Spruce, 45, of Malvern,

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Austrian Priests: ‘We Cannot Remain Silent’

A group of Austrian priests and deacons publicly condemn the government’s proposal of mandatory vaccines in an open letter. Download the German version here: Stellungnahme Österreicherischer Priester und Diakone. The following is an English translation of the letter: CONFIRMA! – STRENGTH! (Luke 22:32) STATEMENT OF AUSTRIAN PRIESTS AND DEACONS For we cannot but speak of

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